‘Our Father in the Wilderness’

A project to say the Lord’s Prayer in the wildest places on earth

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By saying the Lord’s Prayer in the wild you act in the spirit of the papar, the polar monks/explorers who in the eight century sailed in the North Atlantic to the Hebrides, The Orkneys, Iceland and maybe Greenland. The essence of what they did while standing in the wind and storm in these empty wild lands was saying standard prayers.

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What it is

Our Father in the Wilderness is a project to say the Lord’s Prayer in the wildest and most desolate places in the world. Christians from all countries can participate, regardless whether they are protestant, orthodox, catholic or evangelical. The idea is simple. While you are in nature you record yourself with your mobile phone. You say the Lord’s Prayer and turn your mobile phone halfway through the prayer to show the nature you are in. You say the prayer alone or together with your travel companion(s). Then send it to this website and post it on your social media with hashtag
#ourfatherinthewilderness. Always add your name and email and give info on the place where you’ve recorded your prayer.
Recordings from less extreme and less exotic places in nature are also welcome. But only if there are no sign of human development in it, so no roads, houses, fences, power lines or whatever.




‘A fantastic way of reminding us of God’s presence everywhere in this marvelous creation, following in the steps of the wilderness monks and of Jesus himself.’

Jonathan A. Moo
United States

‘Let’s keep praying for God’s Kingdom on earth, let’s do that everywhere in the beauty of nature and let that prayer influence all our deeds.’

Embert Messelink
The Netherlands


‘There is a profound spirituality in the untamed forces of nature, and it's not without reason that throughout the centuries devoted monks have ventured out into the wild to pray, seeking to touch on the sacred.’

Ronald Westerbeek
The Netherlands




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