The initiator of this project is Teije Brandsma from The Netherlands. He is a Christian and an enthusiastic outdoorsman. He sailed across the North Atlantic and spent years sport climbing (6B, 5.10) and climbing intermediate mixed ice routes (ZS+) in the Alps.

Teije was a correspondent for, among others, Newsweek in Africa and the Middle East and first came into contact with desert monks when he was traveling in the Egyptian Sinai desert for his work. He became fascinated with the Arctic monks, the so-called ‘papar’, during a hike in Iceland in 2020 and became intrigued about the question what the essence was what they were they were doing in those wild places.

The first Lord’s Prayer as part of the project was said during a tour of the Monte Rosa area of Switzerland in the summer of 2021.

Teije grew up in a Protestant community in The Netherlands. Today, in addition to attending Protestant services, he also regularly attends Catholic Mass. Brandsma is a regular visitor to the Benedictine monastery in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.

A number of Teije’s friends, all nature lovers, provide advice and contribute ideas for the project.


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